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Findings on Insurance Reported by Investigators at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Climate-proofing the National Flood Insurance Program): Insurance – InsuranceNewsNet

Our news journalists report that additional information can be obtained by contacting Lars T. de Ruig, Free University AmsterdamInst Environm Studies Ivm, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Additional authors for this research include Show Hare, Hans de Moel, WJ Wouter BotzenJeroen CJ H. Aerts, Samuel D. Brody and Jeffrey Tchaikovsky.

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The direct object identifier (DOI) for that additional information is: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41558-022-01502-6. This DOI is a link to an online electronic document that is either free or for purchase, and can be your direct source for a journal article and its reference.

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