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Element’s new air treatment test facility supports indoor public health air quality

Element has opened a new 7500-ft3 facility that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of aerosol products for reducing airborne organisms and viral particles.

In November 2022, Element Materials Technology, a global testing, inspection and certification company, unveiled its newest bioaerosol testing facility at its Eagan, Minn., site. The facility is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of aerosol products to reduce or eliminate indoor airborne organisms and viral particles in habitable spaces (eg, transportation, hospitals, and schools). According to a company press release dated November 16, 2022, the facility is one of the first and largest post-pandemic commercial bioaerosol testing facilities.

The 7500 ft3 Eagan facility offers realistic modeling of habitable spaces, such as hospitals, schools and other large spaces, and houses a biocontainment laboratory that can be used in dual or single capacity, allowing simultaneous testing of control and treated space under the same possibility. conditions. The lab also offers several size configurations, including 107 m3 and 214 m3, among other sizes. In addition, the laboratory can manage various air handling scenarios, including the introduction of fresh or recirculated air. It has the capacity to test biosafety level 2 organisms, including mammalian viruses.

As the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims to release guidance for air treatments in 2022 or early 2023, Element has been instrumental in developing a standard test method for EPA-approved public health claims for air treatments, according to the company press release. Element works with regulatory, academic and industry experts to develop these standard test methods.

“The need for bioaerosols has been defined by the pandemic, and Element is thrilled to bring the industry this new, much-needed capability to meet emerging and critical testing needs. Precise and accurate air quality testing will be critical to public health for the future,” Element chief scientific officer Elisabeth Lackner said in the press release. “We help clients establish purpose-designed bioaerosol R&D-level protocols that provide a strong foundation for future GLP [good laboratory practice]-adequate testing.”

Source: Element Materials Technology

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