Electric Lotus Envya Sedan Spied Testing with Slippery Bodywork

  • Following the Evija hypercar and Eletre SUV, we spotted the third EV from Lotus test in the arctic circle.
  • The sedan – internally called Type 133 but expected to carry the Envya nameplate – has sleek, aerodynamic bodywork similar to the Eletre.
  • The Envya will likely be unveiled sometime this year, but it likely won’t arrive in the US until the 2025 model year.

Lotus, known for lightweight track toys, is going all-electric. Four new models—including the 2024 Eletre SUV unveiled last year—are due by 2028, and new spy shots give us our first look at the brand’s upcoming sedan, codenamed Type 133. The slinky four-door is likely to be unveiled later this year . will continue Lotus’ convention of names beginning with “E,” with brand entries suggesting it will be dubbed Envya or Etude. We expect it to carry the former moniker.

2025 lotus envy spied

Brian Williams|Car and Driver

Tested in the Arctic Circle, the Envya showcases smooth bodywork and rounded details. A split headlight design echoes the look of the Eletre, with a full-width element below two fierce “eyebrows” that will serve as daytime running lights.

The Envya also has a sloping coupe-like roofline and appears to have full-width taillights, although the chunky design seen in the photos is unlikely to be the final look. The spy photos show headrests with the Recaro logo, and we expect the Envya to share its sports seats, steering wheel and much of its dashboard design with the Eletre.

2025 lotus envy spied

Brian Williams|Car and Driver

The Envya will likely compete with the Porsche Taycan, the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air. Although it will be built on the same Lambda platform as the Eletre, Lotus could also capitalize on knowledge from Polestar, which is also under the Geely umbrella. The Swedish EV brand is currently developing its own high-performance sedan, the 884-hp Polestar 5, due in 2024.

The Envya was originally supposed to launch for 2024, but we expect it to actually arrive in the United States for the 2025 model year. Stay tuned.

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