Dodge County real estate transfers

Cheryl Reeh Dolejs to Keith Perry and Carol Perry, 2226 E. 12th St., Fremont, $395,000.

Jennifer Ellen Hutsell Family Trust to Jennifer Ellen Hutsell, 1415 N. Garfield St., Fremont.

Jennifer Ellen Hutsell to Jennifer Ellen Hutsell Family Trust, 1415 N. Garfield St., Fremont.

Sally A. Ueckert to Dago Grande Ramirez and Najely Grande Rodriguez, 504 E. 29th Circle, Fremont, $205,000.

Christopher S. Clark and Desa M. Clark to Lucas Schulz and Angela M. Schulz, 645 Schurman St., Fremont, $80,000.

Roxi R. Erickson to Brent D. Wilson, 5426 Morningside Rd., Fremont, $158,000.

Brian Wiese and Sherry Wiese to Victory Lake Marine Inc., Lot 18, Copperhead Subdivision, Dodge County, $125,000.

FWFH LLC to Bluestem Commons Multifamily LLC, Lot 1, Block 1, Bluestem Commons, Dodge County, and Lot 1, Bluestem Commons Replat 1, Dodge County, $42,112.

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Mitch Johnson and Julie A. Johnson to Teddy Lee Maple Jr., 211 S. Downing St., Fremont, $205,000.

James M. Hunke to Madison Sarantakos, 1425 N. Somers Ave., Fremont, $182,000.

JR Hansen, personal representative of the estate of Ralph E. Hansen, deceased, to Cora Verbeek, 1824 N. Union St., Fremont, $70,000.

Ellen Ann Halladay to Nicholas James Anderson Venuto and Caroline Mary Bielenda, 310 W. 10th St., North Bend, $240,000.

FWFH LLC to Hoppe & Son LLC, 3473, 3515, 3527, 3533, 3563, 3575, 3587, 3593 Little Bluestem Rd., Fremont, $320,000.

Robert W. Heyne and John M. Ippolito to Adam C. Schole, 260 US Highway 77, Uehling, $50,000.

The Ritz Lake LLC to Steven Ray Langemeier and Jane Marlene Langemeier, 3241 Bryan Shore Drive, Fremont, $195,000.

Elijah J. Paulson to Village of Winslow, Lots 1 and 2, Block 13, Village of Winslow, Dodge County, $5,000.

Stacie Shelton, personal representative of the estate of David W. Smith, deceased, to Neleigh Kay Jenkins, 1330 E. Fifth St., Fremont, $100,000.

William R. Whitney and Dawn M. Whitney to Village of Winslow, Logan St. 307, Winslow, $51,000.

Richard T. Apking, trustee of the Richard T. Apking Revocable Trust dated April 1, 2013, to Village of Winslow, 400 South St., Winslow, $94,548.57.

Amber Riskowski a/k/a Amber Riskowski-Miodowski and Eric Miodowski to Village of Winslow, 408 Elkhorn Ave., Winslow, $111,000.

Sandra L. Steinbach f/k/a Sandra L. Carlin to Village of Winslow, 406 Elkhorn Ave, Winslow, $85,000.

Doris Docweiler to M. Lucille Baum, trustees of the Newell J. and M. Lucille Baum Revocable Trust, south 3 feet of Tax Lot 10 in Section 17, Township 19 North, Range 8 East of the 6th PM, Dodge County, $1,000.

Roxane Kay Huber, as trustee of the Roxane Kay Huber Revocable Trust dated February 28, 2017, to Keith Cunnings a/k/a Keith L. Cunnings, 340 E. Eighth St., Fremont, $160,000.

Martin A. Mastin and Cheryl A. Mastin to Windmill Science LLC, 1204 W. Military Ave., Fremont, $117,000.

Fremont Area Land Co. LLC to Borisow Properties LLC, 1012 and 1016 Kate Ave., Fremont, $62,000.

William D. Ramirez and Elsy D. Ramirez to Allen L. Danzig and Judith S. Herz, 212 N. Cedar St., Dodge, $72,500.

Kevin Indra to Big Hill Capital LLC, Tax Lot 11, Section 18, Township 18 North, Range 9 East of the 6th PM, Dodge County, $236,900.

Robert F. Shanahan and Marilyn J. Shanahan to Windmill Science LLC, 1131 Main St., North Bend, $185,000.

Dalton GL Beed to Big D Rentals LLC, 1140 N. Morrell St., Fremont.

Breitbarth Properties LLC to MAS Properties LLC, 1406-1410 Ohio St., Fremont, $215,000.

Rodney L. Parr to Rodney Lee Parr, trustee of the Rodney Lee Parr Family Trust, 850 N. Bell St., Fremont.

Daniel L. Crawley to Mollie-Faye A. Crawley n/a Mollie-Faye A. Christ, 748 E. Sixth St., Fremont.

Kassandra Sendgraff and Dylan Sendgraff to Jasten J. Zurcher, 1130 N. Bell St., Fremont, $130,000.

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