Designer Masaba Gupta’s fitness mantra for 2023, revolves around consistency and mixing it up


As they say, consistency is key. It’s always better to build up your routine slowly instead of jumping straight into a heavy workout and ending up in a world of pain. Building a routine helps prevent injuries such as ligament tears and cramps. Start with slow and easy regimens to learn about your body’s limits and then move on. And as Gupta points out, movement is also important for your mental health. So you keep moving forward.

Don’t limit yourself

It is important to listen to your body. Your workouts are not supposed to be a punishment for you. Your overall goal should be to have a fit and healthy life. Don’t get stuck on a specific weight you need to reach that will later ruin your relationship with food. One can be fit and still indulge in all the goodies in moderation. Obsessing over calories doesn’t help. ‘Treat meals’ are better than ‘cheat meals’.

Arm workout