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Covid levels still ‘low’, reports the health department, although some statistics are correct

Vermont’s Covid-19 community levels were “low” this past week, the state Department of Health reported Wednesday.

Several Covid statistics rose compared to the previous week, but remained within the department’s range for low community levels. Hospital admissions for the disease rose to 41 this week, compared to 31 last week, the department reported. A total of 39 people have been hospitalized for the disease as of Wednesday, including four in intensive care.

Covid cases also rose slightly, from 423 in the previous week to 455 in the latest report, the department reported. Covid case data is primarily based on PCR test results and does not include home antigen testing.

The department also included data from Burlington’s latest wastewater testing, which revealed a record spike in Covid levels late last week. “Given the absence of other indicators of a true sudden rise, however, it is unclear whether this reflects a real increase or an anomaly,” the report said.

One other wastewater testing site, in Brighton, also reported a significant spike in Covid levels, although not quite as high as Burlington’s. Nine wastewater test sites scattered throughout the state reported slight increases or decreases.

Bennington County had ‘high’ community levels of Covid as of Thursday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vermont’s 13 other counties reported low Covid levels.

Most national Covid statistics have fallen in the past week, according to The New York Times. New York and New Jersey, which experienced Covid surges after the December holiday, reported double-digit declines in cases and hospitalizations over the past two weeks.

Vermont reached a new benchmark in its vaccination campaign this week: The department reported that 33% of Vermonters 5 and older received the bivalent booster dose, a version of the Covid vaccine that targets the latest variants.

The state reached that milestone when the federal government announced it would consider whether to recommend annual Covid boosters targeting the most common variant each year, similar to the country’s annual flu vaccine campaign. It is unclear at this point how the plan would be implemented in Vermont.

About 80% of all Vermonters have received a full initial course of the Covid vaccine, according to the health department.

The department reported five additional deaths from Covid this week, bringing January’s total to 13 deaths. In total, 889 people have died from Covid in Vermont since the start of the pandemic.

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