Newborn Baby
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No one goes into motherhood thinking that everything will be simple. For starters, your female family members probably shared stories of how challenging the early days could be (and may still be in some ways), and your friends may have also petrified you with horror stories about three-day labor.

However, getting pregnant, giving birth and becoming a mum are different experiences for everyone. In this article we hope to offer you some comfort and advice on how to get over it all.

Newborn baby


While still pregnant, it can feel overwhelming. There are so many lists to follow, such as your hospital bag, changing bag, baby’s nursery and so on. Stop and remember that you may not actually need certain things that people recommend and vice versa.

The society we live in these days means that if we’ve forgotten something, we’ll probably be able to get hold of it pretty quickly anyway. However, it’s still best to get the basics down beforehand, as babies often have a habit of surprising us.

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A travel system that includes a car seat, a stack of diapers (either disposable or reusable), wipes, and very basic baby growth is all essential.


While you are pregnant and after giving birth, it is essential to consider your own health as well as that of the baby. Carrying around extra weight, going through labor (either caesarean or vaginal) and breastfeeding can all cause pain and put a strain on your body.

Many women find they need stitches after a tear during labor. If this is the case, you may want to try a soothing cream, such as Soothing Down Under by Baby West, to help both heal and soothe.

You may find that your nipples crack while breastfeeding, so a decent cream to support it is essential. Be sure to seek support from a lactation expert if you are concerned about the baby’s latch.

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me time

I bet some moms scoff at this, but it’s definitely possible to have me time even when you’re a new mom. Try the Ultimate New Mama & Baby Pack for some much-needed TLC for your postnatal body and mind. This includes beautiful loungewear that you can breastfeed or pump in, as well as other products to help you and your baby.

Naps and time for cups of tea are part of everyday life, so don’t think of it as your me time… it could simply be having half an hour in an evening to read a book or to spoiled with a slice of cream cake. Even once a week is better than nothing and it will ensure that you remember you are more than a mother, which can be a challenging balance to find.

Baby Blues v Post Natal Depression

The sudden hormone change after giving birth can leave you feeling completely out of balance. And that’s not surprising given what your body has been through. The baby blues are to be expected for most new mums, but these sad feelings usually subside within a week or two.

Postpartum depression can last much longer. It is essential to share how you are feeling with your midwife or health visitor, or even a friend or family member, so that you can access the support as early as possible.


Everyone is an expert when you’ve had a new baby and they’ll tell you to do x, y and z because it worked for them or ‘it never hurt their baby’ even though modern society considered a no-no.

Although it can be difficult to disagree with someone, you might practice a phrase like “Thanks for sharing. I’ll think about it.” to support you to be more assertive.

Ultimately, you want your stress levels to be as low as possible and knowing that you have a stock answer in the bag ready to pull out can be helpful. Never be afraid to seek help from a professional.

They have undoubtedly been through the same scenarios with other new moms and are there to help if they can or point you elsewhere.

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