Conroe Planet Fitness expands business opportunities with Special Strong

Conroe Planet Fitness located at 1906 N. Frazier St., Conroe, partnered with special needs gym Special Strong on Sept. 9 to further provide inclusive exercise for people with physical disabilities. According to Abby Belaire with Planet Fitness, Special Strong trainers are able to use the fitness space while training their clients who have a physical disability.

“We are the judgment-free zone,” Belaire said. “We want people to come in and feel comfortable and safe in our environment. We’re happy to give them a space to come in and exercise for their mental and physical needs.”

According to Daniel Stein with Special Strong, the organization trains individuals at gym spaces and does not have a building of its own.

“Ultimately, it’s going to allow us to serve more athletes and make a bigger difference in the Conroe and Houston communities, which we’re very excited about,” Stein said.

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