Client Case Study: “I have abs now!”


I would like to introduce you to one of our 1:1 clients, Maria. I think you’ll enjoy her client case study because, as she says, “I now have abs!”

Maria came to us overwhelmed, exhausted and completely burned out.

Customer Case Study: “I have abs now!”

Here is how she described how she felt during her our interview on the Carrots ‘N’ Cake podcast

I felt really crazy. I was super stressed and tired all the time. I was nauseous, had no appetite, crazy bowel problems, headaches and no sex drive. I put on a lot of weight, and I was just really depressed.

Maria was not alone in her struggle, and we see similar challenges all the time when women come to us. She went on to explain what she was dealing with…

Therefore I have two children, one of whom has special needs; he is autistic. Life is quite stressful, and I could never get enough sleep. By 11:00 I had to take a nap because I couldn’t physically stay awake. I couldn’t eat because every time I ate it made me feel really, really sick. And I had no energy because I hadn’t eaten. It was very frustrating. I felt like every day was a struggle. I tried my best to live up to what a stay-at-home mom is supposed to do, but I couldn’t even stay awake until 11:00. It was a very depressing time in my life.

When Maria couldn’t get answers from her doctor, she decided to work with our team…

Ugh, I knew something was up with me. I went to my doctor and had my blood tested, but they just kept saying, ‘Oh, you’re fine.’ But I was not well! Something was definitely wrong. Every doctor just kept saying, ‘There’s nothing wrong with you… it’s in your head.’ At that point I was going to lose my mind, and I had to get help. I reached out to Tina on Instagram because no one was listening to me. This was my last attempt. Tina came back and said she could help me 100%.

And that’s exactly what we did. We helped Maria lose weight and feel like herself again!

First, we started with some functional tests to give her a personalized and targeted approach to improving her health.


Here’s what we found on Maria’s functional testing

  • Low cortisol; her body was in a state of extreme burnout
  • Estrogen dominance and low progesterone
  • High testosterone and androgens, high DHEA, high melatonin – signs of inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance and stress
  • Low methylation – body needs detox support via gut, liver, mineral balance, etc.


Instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall, trying a new diet for 2 weeks and stopping, or adding random supplements, we gave Maria a personalized protocol based on her test interpretations.

What we did to help Maria feel better and lose weight:

  • We got her to start tracking her food loosely to make sure she was eating enough and nourishing her body properly.
  • Prioritized 35 grams of protein at breakfast every morning.
  • Asked her to get 30 minutes a day for self care, stress management and Maria time.
  • Built-in low-intensity and strength-building workouts, including Pilates and walking.
  • Prioritized whole foods (80% of the time) and planned for treats, like her favorite Starbucks bagel (20% of the time)
  • Asked her to eat regular meals every 3-4 hours and add more protein and vegetables to her plate.
  • Supplemented with natural progesterone, inositol, saw palmetto, and magnesium for better blood sugar balance as well as licorice root for low cortisol.

Maria’s results:

  • Lose 16 pounds in our 6-month program and continue to lose weight. She says, “I have abs now!”
  • Pain-free periods after suffering with PCOS for years
  • No more naps and demands more energy for her kids, workouts, lifestyle, etc.
  • More confidence in her food choices and nutrition
  • A better relationship with the scale
  • Digestive problems are solved
  • “My mental health has definitely improved a lot!”

At the end, Maria summed up our conversation by saying: “Here we are today… I am in a much better place, definitely a much better place.

Listen to everything Maria had to say in her full interview HERE . Here are details about our 1:1 coaching program.

If you’re ready to make a change and feel your best, apply for coaching via the link below or, even better, schedule a discovery call HERE so we can chat and find out the best opinion for you and your goals! I hope you enjoyed this client case study: “I have abs now!”