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Cities take on efforts to reduce flood insurance rates [Quad City Times, Davenport, Iowa] – InsuranceNewsNet

The system’s program offers discounts on flood insurance premiums ranging from 5% to 45% based on credits earned by completing flood protection activities. There are 19 activities, including maintenance FEMA elevation certificates for new buildings, provision of flood maps, posting flood protection information online, zoning for floodplains, acquisition or relocation of flood-prone buildings from the floodplain, among others.

FEMA excited of Davenport rating in 2020 from 8 to 7, with the lower number the better score on a 10-point scale. To have a rating with all unlocked FEMA grants and a better rating offer residents a greater discount on their flood insurance. Residents in a community with an 8 rating receive a 10% discount on NFIP insurance and a 7 rating earns a 15% discount.

“All boats rise when the tide rises,” River Action Executive director Kathy Wynn said.

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A FEMA visit is expected in January to evaluate of Bettendorf programs.

In one area of ​​floodplain management, Bettendorf focused on buying and demolishing houses in a flood-prone area to become green space.

In the last 10 years, Bettendorf bought and razed more than 20 homes in the 100-year flood plain to become green space with the help of federal grants. Last year, the city applied for funds to make offers on 17 more homes.

Representatives of Scott County and LeClaire at River Action’s meet in Riverdale said Thursday that their government entities are interested in applying FEMA’s community ratings.

Anthony Heddlestonthe mayor of Riverdale and a chief engineer at the US Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District, warned that size matters. He said in Riverdale, only a handful of properties were insured by the National Flood Insurance Program, so it wasn’t worth the investment. He said the rule of thumb is 50 properties or more to see a return.

River Action staff also outlined a new allowance that became available from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to fund conservation projects across the country. The American, the beautiful challenge, began this year, with the first round of grants due earlier this summer. Staff said they hope to file a wetlands conservation application rock island and close Crow Creek in Bettendorf.


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