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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – Fitness Freak

Are you buying a gift for the type of person who gets up at 6am on Christmas morning to go jogging or lift weights? While we recommend kicking these types of individuals out of your life (just kidding), they still deserve a gift. So to maximize your holiday shopping profits, we’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for your favorite fitness-obsessed folks.

Christmas Gift Guides 2022

Garmin fenix 6

Garmin Fenix ​​6 | Image: Garmin

Garmin Fenix ​​6

The Garmin Fenix ​​is ​​one of the best multisport smartwatches money can buy, bringing performance and adventure tracking as well as GPS-based mapping to just about every outdoor activity imaginable. Additionally, it has an always-on 1.3-inch display that is 18% larger than previous fenix models.

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ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 VII | Image: ASICS

ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 VII

Combining a contemporary style with advanced cushioning technologies, the Gel Quantum 180 VII effortlessly combines performance and comfort. Furthermore, the GEL technology is designed to improve shock absorption underfoot and its scutoid shape allows you to move more naturally over all terrain.

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Oakley encoder

Oakley Encoder | Image: Oakley

Oakley Encoder

Whether you’re on the bike or hitting the pavement, these Oakley Encoder shades are purpose-built for use across multiple sports categories. In addition, the advanced optical design allows the lens to be designed with an extended casing and stiffness in key areas that mimic the structural properties of the frame. Oh, and they look OFF fast too.

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Gatorade smart gx bottle

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle | Image: Gatorade

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle

It’s no secret that hydration is one of the most important factors in maintaining health and wellness. Gatorade’s Smart Gx Bottle is a technology-enabled squeeze bottle designed to help athletes set and track their water intake goals. Fully integrated with the Gx App, the bottle also comes with an electronic sensor that lights up to easily display hydration levels.

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Under armor hovr phantom 3 sneaker 4

Under Armor HOVR Phantom 3 Sneaker | Image: Under Armour

Under Armor HOVR Phantom 3 Sneaker

For runners who need a balance of flexibility and cushioning, the HOVR Phantom 3 is the perfect shoe. The super breathable sock-like fit combined with its trademark cushioning technology makes for an ultra-comfortable ride that propels you forward.

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Hydragun massage gun

Hydragun Massage Gun | Image: Hydragun

Hydragun Massage Gun

This little device is a lifesaver for athletes looking to eliminate muscle soreness and promote recovery. Packed with multiple attachments to attack every part of the body, this Hydragun is also one of the quietest massage guns on the market.

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Gymshark apollo hoodie

Gymshark Apollo Hoodie | Image: Gymshark

Gymshark Apollo Hoodie

Thanks to its soft fabric and simple style, this hoodie is the perfect extra layer for everyday comfort, no matter what you’re doing. Plus, it boasts a large Gymshark logo on the chest, so onlookers will know you’re a certified animal when they pass you on the street.

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Whoop 4 0 band

Whoop 4.0 Tape | Image: Oops

Whoop 4.0 Tape

By now, most fitness freaks are well aware of Whoop’s ultimate ability to track recovery and performance. However, the brand has released an all-new super-knit band with microfilament yarn for improved comfort and durability. It also features the Fast Link slider that makes changing tires easier than ever.

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Hello off duty cap

Hello Off-Duty Cap | Image: Hello

Hello Outside Service Cap

Alo’s Off-Duty Cap is a must for Sunday walks in the sun. The adjustable Velcro strap offers a fresh take on the classic dad cap, making this piece ideal for anyone looking to add a little edge to their activewear style.

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Gymshark light bands

Gymshark Light Bands | Image: Gymshark

Gymshark light bands

We all need a little support from time to time and Gymshark’s Lifting Straps are your best friend during those big boy lifts. The simple self-tie design means you can adjust the wrist rests by twisting them tighter or looser to suit your needs. Pick up some and jump on the profit train, friends.

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Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 | Image: Apple

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch 8 has taken its advanced health sensors and apps to new heights. With accident detection, sleep stage tracking and advanced workout measurement tools, it allows you to stay healthy, active, safe and connected.

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Nike zoomx vaporfly next 1

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% | Image: Nike

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

If you have the need for speed, get a pair of Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% on your feet. The design combines the brand’s two most innovative technologies, Nike ZoomX foam and VaporWeave material, resulting in the fastest shoe they’ve ever made.

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Withings body

Withings Body+ | Image: Withings

Withings Body+

Meet the smartest smart scale. Body+ provides complete body composition analysis and gives detailed insights into the impact of body fat, muscle mass and total body water with every lifestyle change you can make. It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to burn off all the silly season fun.

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Gymshark sports card

Gymshark Sports Short | Image: Gymshark

Gymshark Sport Short

Whether you’re lifting heavy or going for a walk with friends, Gymshark’s Sport Shorts are ideal for every activity. Equipped with sweat-wicking material, they are designed to be breathable, durable and never wear off.

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Hello triumph round neck

Hello Triumph Crew Neck | Image: Hello

Hello Triumph Crew Neck

A gym essential, the Triumph Crew Neck Tee is made for movement from studio to street. A slim and relaxed fit designed to suit all body shapes, this versatile piece is so soft you’ll want to wear it all day.

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Christmas Gift Guides 2022



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