Certain Fitness Badges missing from iPhone & Apple Watch

I know that there are numerous threads, both here and on other forums, about similar problems, but I haven’t found anything about my specific situation, so I thought I’d ask here. I recently set up a new iPhone and a new Apple Watch, both as ‘new devices’ as I was told that all my fitness records were stored on iCloud, so signing in to my Apple ID on the new devices would be repaired.

However, after setting up my devices, all my limited challenge badges were gone. I found out that it can take a few days for them to reappear and sure enough, after a few days of use, almost all of them reappeared on my iPhone. However, I’m still missing one challenge badge (National Parks Challenge from August) and my badges for completed competitions (the one that says I completed a competition and the one for me actually winning it). Both contest badges appear as grayed out on my phone as if I hadn’t completed them.

Now, I wanted to ask your advice: It has been about eight days since the installation of the new appliances. Is there any chance that these three missing badges will still appear somehow? Have any of you experienced something similar? Is there anything I can do to make them appear again (stop and start iCloud sync from my Health app, …)? Do you have any other advice? The missing challenge weapon in particular was very dear to me, as I achieved it on a day that was personally important to me.

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