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Bradley Cooper Will Star in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bullitt’ Reboot

  • Bradley Cooper has signed a deal to play Frank Bullitt in a reboot of the 1968 film Bullittas reported by Deadline.
  • The original movie features a famous car chase between a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Charger, with the muscle cars leaping through the rolling streets of San Francisco.
  • The new Bullitt film will be co-produced by Cooper and Steven Spielberg, with a screenplay by Oscar winner Josh Singer, but the movie is likely still a few years away.

Squealing tires, roaring V-8s, muscle cars leaping over San Francisco’s hilly streets, and Steve McQueen’s chiseled action star features. These ingredients make up the car chase in the 1968 film Bullitt one of the most iconic cinematic pursuits of all time, as police officer Frank Bullitt, played by McQueen, tears after a Dodge Charger carrying two hitmen in his green Ford Mustang. The “Bullitt” moniker has persisted over the years thanks to several special edition Mustangs, but now the name will return to the silver screen, with Deadline reporting that Bradley Cooper will star in a new Bullitt film produced by Steven Spielberg.

Cooper, who recently signed a contract with Warner Bros. signed on, will also co-produce the film with Spielberg’s producing partner Kristie Macosko Krieger. It will be difficult for Cooper to live up to McQueen’s performance, but Cooper has proven himself to be a versatile actor, starring in everything from The Babbelas on American Sniper and A star is bornas well as the main role in The Elephant Man on Broadway in 2015.

Steve McQueen’s son Chad and granddaughter Molly McQueen will serve as executive producers, while Josh Singer has been tapped to write the script. Singer co-wrote and won an Oscar for the 2015 movie Spotlight and also wrote 2017s The comments and the upcoming film Maestroin which Cooper stars, directs, co-writes and co-produces with Spielberg.

The Bullitt reboot will apparently not be a remake of the 1968 thriller, but instead will feature a new story involving the same Frank Bullitt character. No details are known about the plot, but given the legendary status of the original film’s car chase, the new Bullitt will almost certainly see some epic car action. We’d be surprised if a Mustang wasn’t chosen as the protagonist’s ride. While it’s possible Cooper’s Bullitt could drive the 2020 Mustang Bullitt, Ford could instead revive the special edition for its recently revealed seventh-generation Mustang to capitalize on the film’s debut. With the movie still in development and Cooper having just recently signed a deal, it will likely be a few more years before the Bullitt revival is coming, but we can’t wait to see what Cooper and Spielberg have finished.

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