Best New Sedans of 2023 and 2024


The death of the sedan has been widely exaggerated. Sedans may not be the moneymakers they once were, but body style remains important to many brands’ lineups. These four doors come in a variety of forms, from performance-oriented sports sedans to practical family sedans to flashy luxury sedans. No matter what your needs are, there’s a sedan that should meet them.

To separate the great sedans from the just-good ones, our editors put each of these four doors through our paces

extensive testing regime. The best sedans are not necessarily jacks of all trades, but are masters of their given segment’s mission. For example, we may weight the results of our performance-related tests more heavily on a sports sedan than a family sedan.

The sedans on our Editor’s Choice list are among the best of their kind, expertly threading the needle between mastering the attributes of their mission while simultaneously demonstrating competence in areas where their competitors fall short.

Here are the best sedans for other model years:

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