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Best coverage of health systems in 2022

Did you miss the top health system stories on Drug Topics® for 2022? Catch up on these notable stories today.

10. The implications of opioid use in the treatment of cancer-related pain

As the main course of treatment for cancer-related pain, the use of opioids comes with a number of problems for both patients and prescribers.

9. Specialty Drug Pipeline Updates for 2022

The specialty drug pipeline includes first- and next-in-class drugs in the oncology and immunology spaces.

8. Toolkit evaluates automatic dispensing station overrides

A toolkit provides insight into the use of automatic dispensing station switchovers for emergency situations.

7. Mitigating costs of cancer treatment: the role of pharmacists

Cancer care is expensive, but pharmacists can help.

6. Pharmacist follow-up improves patient quality of life after emetogenic chemotherapy

Pharmacist follow-ups show a significant increase in outpatient antiemetic prescribing and quality of life in patients experiencing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

5. Integrated health system pharmacy models associated with medication adherence, fewer side effects

Patient reported outcomes for were positive for those who filled medications at an integrated health system specialty pharmacy.

4. Workforce Challenges for Health System Pharmacy

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the cracks in health system pharmacy. Here’s how the workforce can adapt.

3. Paving the way: transitioning from community to health system pharmacy practice

It is possible to make a smooth transition from community pharmacy to health system pharmacy practice, especially for those with marketable skills.

2. Creating opportunities for collaboration between community, health system pharmacy

Cross-practice collaboration is one of the best ways to improve patient outcomes.

1. Social Determinants of Health Data collection needs to be improved

Collecting data on social determinants of health presents a number of issues and needs to be improved to create learning health systems.

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