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Australia: Well-attended educators and health professionals meeting begins with video presentation on COVID-19

The Health Professionals Rank and File Committee (HWRFC) and Committee for Public Education (CFPE) in Australia yesterday held a lively and well-attended online public meeting titled, “Uniting Educators and Health Professionals: Towards Ending COVID- safeguards! Life before profit!”

The more than two-hour meeting was addressed by CFPE convener Sue Phillips, HWRFC convener Julia Thomas, Australians Against Covid spokesperson Craig Wallace, and US nurse Katy Kinner, with a lively question and answer session. Those who attended included health professionals, educators and other workers, as well as students and professionals, from across Australia and internationally.

Yesterday’s meeting began with a nine-minute video – see below – which begins “The COVID-19 pandemic is not over” and the catastrophic impact of the murderous COVID-19 “let it rip” policies implemented by governments implemented around the world, discussed. It explains how the Albanian Labor government, with the help of the unions, quickly implemented big business demands for the removal of basic COVID-19 safety measures.

We urge readers to share this video widely on social media and urge your co-workers, family and friends to read the full report on the public meeting, and the accompanying video, when it appears on the World Socialist Web Site in the coming days.

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