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Audi Redesigned Its Iconic Four-Ring Logo. Can You Tell?

  • Audi has redesigned its highly recognizable four-ring logo, giving it a new two-dimensional look.
  • The new look emblem also swaps out the old chrome colored rings for new black and white ones.
  • Along with the updated logo, Audi standardizes its font style and now places model identification on the B-pillar.

Most people probably won’t immediately notice that Audi has redesigned its iconic four-ring logo. After all, the updated version still has the same recognizable four rings displayed in virtually identical geometry. Audi has never been flashy, though, and the German luxury brand’s new-look logo takes the same understated approach the company applies to automotive design.

“Good design is less design.” These are the words of Marc Lichte, head of Audi design, who spoke in a short video on the company’s media website about the goals behind the revision of Audi’s corporate identity as well as the style of the emblem.

Here’s a quick history lesson: The four intertwined rings originally symbolized the four different German automakers that merged in 1932 to become the Auto Union. In 1965, AU was rebranded as Audi, and the encircled logo has changed very little since then.

audi q8 e tron ​​with new front logo


Compared to the current chrome rings, the new ones are white with a black border, which increases contrast and should make them more visible from afar. Audi says customers can still opt for dark-colored emblems, with the white part replaced by dark gray that looks like gloss black.

Now in 2D

The other big change to Audi’s logo is that it now has a two-dimensional design. The company says it’s been chosen so that it looks the same everywhere, whether it’s a badge on a body panel or printed in a magazine.

To go along with Audi’s updated identity, the company is also standardizing the fonts used on and inside its vehicles. It is called a unique font Audi type. Each model can be further identified by details laser-etched into the B-pillar.

audi model identification on the b pillar


The reimagined four-ring emblem can be seen on the 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron family, which recently underwent a facelift.

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