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Auburn University’s Society of Health Professionals thrives on campus and provides support to pre-health students

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The Auburn Society of Health Professionals, or SHP, an alumni group dedicated to equipping Auburn University pre-health students with the skills they need for life in the healthcare industry, is making an impact on campus.

SHP is a valuable resource for students at Auburn interested in health professional school. This fall, SHP, in coordination with the College of Sciences and Mathematics, or COSAM, displayed a Von Hogans Plastination Exhibit, an educational resource for teaching current and future health care professionals who have made advances from Drs. Gunther von Hagens showcases – at his annual meeting.

Graham Whiteside, representative of anatomical excellence, presented a small series of human tissue specimens, including silicone plastinates, blood vessel configurations and skin plastinates all further developed by Drs. von Hagens. Exhibitions like this are at the heart of SHP’s mission to provide support to the pre-health student of Auburn.

“It is our privilege to offer numerous opportunities, including mentoring and shadowing, along with scholarship support to deserving students,” said SHP President Clay Harper. “SHP members are generous with their time, talents and treasures to enrich the education of tomorrow’s practitioners, and for that we are grateful.”

In addition to the exhibit, SHP featured a video recording of Madison Hogans, author of a new resource book for students with medical school aspirations titled “How To Build A Physician.”

As an Auburn University alumna and former pre-health student, Hogans is a shining example of how SHP prepares students for medical school and other higher education pathways in health care. Drawing on her Auburn education and her own real-world experience, “How To Build A Physician” was written to describe all steps of the medical school application process from standardized test preparation to post-admission counseling.

Hogans is no stranger to the admissions process. In May 2022, she graduated from Auburn with a degree in biomedical sciences on a pre-med track. She is now a student at the University of South Alabama, where she received a full-ride scholarship. Most recently, Hogans was honored with the Underwood Minority Scholarship Award, which helps pre-health students with medical school expenses.

Additionally, SHP members received an update on COSAM’s pre-health program, whose goals are to create competitiveness for graduate admissions, advise on academic entrance test preparation, and provide guidance to students interested in attending professional pre-health schools.

Anna Traylor serves as the assistant director of pre-health programs at Auburn and praised SHP’s role with Auburn students.

“Support from organizations like SHP is critical to our program and students’ success,” said Traylor. “Through their generosity, we can help connect pre-health students with valuable shadowing and internship opportunities, as well as scholarships.”

SHP is essential to the improvement of pre-health students at Auburn and only progresses more and more each year. Mentoring by Hogans, Traylor and many more individuals is a big part of how the skills taught through SHP are utilized by students long after they leave the Plains.

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