Aston Martin Unveils Residence in Tokyo


Aston Martin Residence Japan

Aston Martin unveils its first luxury home in Japan, in collaboration with luxury concierge brand VIBROA, representing the high-end car brand’s first real estate design collaboration in Asia. With design elements from the high-performance car brand’s portfolio, this beautiful private residence offers the perfect retreat for the Aston Martin lover.

The ultra-luxury British brand, known for producing beautiful, iconic vehicles, applies its design flair to Japanese real estate. Following the success of projects in the United States, such as the Sylvan Rock estate in upstate New York and the residences in Miami, the move makes sense considering that the performance car brand has become a global symbol of luxury, style, and , above all, exclusivity.

Aston Martin Residence Japan 1

Aston Martin Residence Japan 2

Aston Martin plans to use the No. 001 Minami Aoyama, a private house in the Omotesando area, the heart of style and culture in Tokyo, to be completed at the end of 2023.

The nearly 6,000-square-foot private residence sits on fifty-five acres and, with four floors and a rooftop terrace, offers breathtaking views of Tokyo. This beautiful home features a wine cellar, home theater, gym and spa. Glass walls offer clear views into the showroom-style car gallery, where you can park three Aston Martins. The interior of the home is all clean lines and soft, masculine colors, providing a calming retreat for the homeowner. Wood and glass feature throughout, with plenty of natural light to create a holistic atmosphere. The exterior features a dramatic and futuristic facade, which takes design elements from the extensive Aston Martin portfolio.

Aston Martin Residence Japan 3

To complete the project, Aston Martin is partnering with VIBROA and using local talent and design insight. The Japanese luxury residence brand is known for combining the latest and innovative technologies with traditional skills, creating the highest quality product as well as timeless value. The brand will also collaborate with a local architect for the exterior designs, while the Aston Martin design team handles the interior.

While developing their work, the design team draws inspiration from local culture. Marek Reichman, the executive vice president of Aston Martin, highlighted the amazing history of Tokyo and cited everything from architecture to fashion to cuisine as references for the team. That emphasis on culture can be seen throughout their designs. “We thought we would return the favor through our first ultra-luxury collaboration in Asia with VIBROA by adapting our Aston Martin property design principles specifically to the Minami Property No. 001,” he said.

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The No. 001 Minami Aoyama has already been purchased by a private buyer who is reported to be an established Aston Martin collector. Next for the luxury brand? In the latter half of 2023, they are going to release the 2024 Aston Martin Valhalla.