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Apple Watch App Of The Year Is A Fitness App Focused On Well-Being

Apple has announced its annual App Store award-winning games and apps. The top Apple Watch app is Gentler Streak, a fitness app with a difference.

“It always puts your well-being first,” is how developer Gentler Stories describes the particular slant of this app.

Features brought to mind include Gentler Streak’s status marker, which lets you flag when you’re injured or ill, and a focus on proper rest as well as fitness progress.

Gentler Streak is free to download and use, but there is a paid subscription for those who want its more advanced features. And this is desirable if you want to get to the root of what the application is all about.

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Paid features include Gentler Streak’s daily suggested workouts, the 10-day activity track and its visual representation of workout load, and those sickness and disease statuses already mentioned.

More than 100 workout types are also in the app, so you can log things like household chores as well as runs and bike rides.

While what Gentler Streak does technically is similar to that of a pretty hard-hitting fitness app, including mapping running routes and algorithmically calculating your readiness for exercise, its presentation is unusual.

The “workout and fitness tracker for people” line that Gentler Stories uses is a bit overbaked, but there’s real value in a workout tracking app made specifically for people who might feel alienated by the big names.

Among the other App Store award winners are “life without filters” social network iPhone app BeReal and iPhone game Apex Legends.

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