Apparent suicides at NC State highlight the growing need for mental health resources

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) – It’s another somber week for NC State, as the university has confirmed that four students have died by suicide since the start of the semester.

The latest, the university said, happened this week at a student housing complex.

As the university copes, the need for mental health resources grows, while access remains scarce.

“It’s just devastating,” said Madeline Evans, a sophomore at NC State.

“[Mental health resources on campus are] really backed up,” she said. “I didn’t look for them because I know I won’t be seen for a while.”

A statement from the university tells students that they are rallying, “pouring every resource … available to … reach students in need.”

“You have a lot more students who need help than they can provide the help,” added Fonda Bryant, a mental health and suicide prevention advocate based in Gastonia.

Bryant said that while we need to focus on providing help on a larger scale, such as increasing funding and opportunities to get help off campus, there are easy steps we can take to recognize clues that could prevent future suicides. prevent.

Her QPR training emphasizes verbal and behavioral cues, as well as other key signs, that may indicate suicidal thoughts.

“It’s not even the training that I do, it’s just looking at people and being kind,” she said. “‘How are you today? Is everything okay? Are you OK?'”

Bryant encourages everyone to attend a training or reach out to her. More information about her session on December 10 can be found below.

Meanwhile, the school did emphasize that they are creating a task force to reach out to the community, and they are reviewing what they are doing with mental health services and trying to improve in various ways.

QPR training
QPR training(Fonda Bryant)

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