Alfa Romeo Reportedly Planning Big-Bodied Electric SUV for 2028

  • Alfa Romeo is planning a large electric SUV flagship that could arrive in 2028, according to a report by Auto Express.
  • After an interview with Alfa CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, the British outlet believes the brand will build an EV SUV the size of a BMW iX before the end of the decade.
  • Also learn to tell AE that Alfa plans to introduce an electric sedan in 2027 that will be even larger than the upcoming 2025 Giulia EV.

Before the end of the decade, Alfa Romeo plans to build a large electric SUV similar in size to the BMW iX. At least that’s what the British car magazine Auto Express today reported after an interview with Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa.

Alfa’s Future EV flagship

Imparato told the British motoring magazine that the brand will introduce an electric sedan suitable for North America sometime in 2027. It will be in the same size category as the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series, so it will be bigger than the upcoming 2025 Giulia EV.

After the debut of the full-size sedan, Imparato mentioned that a “built model in 2028” will be launched. AE believe it’s a large electric SUV that will be Alfa’s future flagship, which makes sense considering the company has previously discussed building larger and smaller SUVs to surround the current compact-sized Stelvio. So far, the company has only introduced the subcompact Tonale plug-in hybrid.

Another STLA Big Taker

Speculation is that the larger electric sedan and SUV will be based on the Stellantis Group’s STLA Large platform. It’s the same one that will underpin the Giulia EV, offering an 800-volt electric architecture with fast charging capabilities.

As for the larger future sedan, Imparato said AE it will be able to recharge 80 percent of its battery in 18 minutes and aims for more than 400 miles of driving range. He also said Alfa’s design language is set to 2027, so that includes the timeframe for the sedan, but not the SUV.

While AEs article includes a With the rendering of what he thinks Alfa’s future flagship could look like, we’ll probably have to wait a while until we get an official look at the big body. For now, we’ll just have to use what we know about the Italian automaker’s current aesthetic to fuel our imaginations.

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