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Affordable Chronograph & Driving Watches under $300

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This story was updated in November 2022 with new products and fresh information.

Motorsport and watches have a long, happy relationship with each other. There is a certain aura you experience with a chronograph, a certain look you get with a chrome on your wrist and your hand draped over the steering wheel. Or maybe it’s a blessing from those legendary Kings of Cool, guys like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

If you’re looking for a cool yet affordable riding watch, either as a gift or just for yourself, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite chronographs below. They make a fantastic gift idea for any car lover or driving enthusiast. Best of all, they all cost less than $300

Our favorite affordable riding watches

Before tachometers became ubiquitous, chronographs were used as personal timers, useful for tracking lap increments, fuel supplies, ride times and more. Today, the chronograph function is effectively destroyed by smartphones and their built-in stopwatches, but it’s no fun. And it’s not nearly as cool.

Here are our favorite affordable chronographs – enjoy the sense of cool that comes with the box.

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best fancy/not fancy driving watch


Aviator Slide Rule Bezel Chrono MTP4500D-1AV

Best driving watch for working on cars


Weekender Chrono TW2R63200

Best Midcentury Style Driving Watch


Original 1963 Airforce Chrono RS38-IWAP888

Best rugged driving watch


Expedition Field Chronograph TW4B10300

Best Aviator Driving Watch


Copilot Chronograph 35771

Best Endurance Riding Watch


Series LZ127 Graf Chrono 7684-5

Best citizen driving watch


Chandler Eco-Drive Chronograph AT0200-05E

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