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AARP Celebrates Grand Opening of Fitness Park at Altona Lagoon in Gallows Bay

Welcome to the AARP sponsored outdoor fitness park at Altona Lagoon in Gallows Bay. (Source photo by Linda Morland)

“I am ecstatic today as we give this facility to the people of the Virgin Islands,” stated USVI Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Calvert White, who participated in a celebration of a new fitness park. “A lot of people don’t want a conventional gym where you’re competing with people inside. It can be a little intimidating. So the fact that we have a facility where just ordinary people in the community seniors can just walk and exercise at their own pace, I think that’s a great thing for the Virgin Islands.”

Commissioner Calvert White stands in front of the new fitness equipment before the ribbon cutting for the AARP Fitness Park’s grand opening at Altona Lagoon in Gallows Bay. (Source photo by Linda Morland)

St Croix’s new fitness park is close to the water in Galg Bay. The celebration St. Croix government administrator Samuel Sanes who was the master of ceremonies. Additional speakers included USVI Department of Health Commissioner Justa Encarnacion; AARP-VI State Director Troy de Chabert-Schuster; and USVI Legislature Vice President Novelle E. Francis, Jr.

AARP members participated along with Zumba exercises led by Roberta Etiene from Fit 4 Life. Spectators enjoyed looking at the new equipment. Refreshments and drinks were provided by AARP.

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