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A Guide to SUVs from the Sportiest and Snootiest Automakers

the great capitulation

Andy PottsCar and Driver

It was only 20 years ago that the Porsche Cayenne shocked the automotive world. An SNV from the leading sports car manufacturer seemed very out of place in 2002. Today, it’s easier to list the few automakers that don’t offer one for sale than the ones that do.

Sure, there are exotic dream weavers, like Pagani and Koenigsegg, that ignore the sales siren of the ute. But of brands that make more than 500 cars a year worldwide, Chrysler is the only one without a sport utility vehicle for sale or on the way (though it has made SUVs in the past; remember the Durango-based Aspen?) and co. Stellantis subsidiaries Abarth and Lancia; Alpine (Renault’s sports car division); and McLaren and Morgan in the UK

While some automakers tried to hold back the tide, cold, green logic drove the industry’s transformation. Buyers clearly like a higher driving position more than they appreciate the dynamic benefits of a lower center of gravity, and that’s as true for free-spenders as it is miserly. No mark was spared, no matter how steeped in the racing of the brand’s history.

Just this year, one of the longest standing places has buckled under the pressure. As recently as 2016, then-Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne said of an SUV from Maranello: “You have to shoot me first.” A year later he walked it back. RIP, Sergio.

Marchionne was not the only one to leave hostages to fortune. McLaren’s Mike Flewitt has stated that his company will never build a ute in 2018. Its 2021 ouster means the supercar maker is no longer bound by that promise. Rumor has it that McLaren is already looking for a partner with an SUV platform.

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First SUV: 2017 F-Pace
Second and third SUVs: 2018 E-Pace, 2019 I-Pace
Best-selling model: F-Pace

First SUV: 1986 LM002
Second SUV: 2019 Urus
Best selling model: Urus

First SUV: 2021 DBX
Second SUV: None
Best selling model: DBX

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