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7 benefits of a gazebo for outdoor dining

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Do you have a gazebo? They are so useful for a number of things including assembling furniture or sheds in the garden when the weather isn’t great! However, their main use in my opinion is for garden parties and outdoor dining. A gazebo is a great temporary way to add that extra space, have fun and feel like you’re on vacation all in one!

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Seven reasons why you should get a gazebo for outdoor dining

While we are looking at building a garden room, I am also considering buying a gazebo for the garden to ensure that we can use our outdoor space all year round. Here are ten reasons why I think you should consider a gazebo so you can enjoy eating outside.

Rain doesn’t have to stop the party

If you are enjoying food or drinks in the garden and there is a light shower, there is no need to worry.

With a gazebo, you should all be able to briefly find shelter under the gazebo and continue to enjoy your time outdoors.

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It makes cooking easier

Cooking is easier under a gazebo, especially if, like us, you use an electric method like teppanyaki grills.

The gazebo provides some shelter from the wind and stops the food from cooling down as quickly as you cook it!

A gazebo offers privacy

Do you have nosy neighbors or children next door who sit by the window and watch you whenever they are in your garden?

Using a gazebo with optional sides means you can be as open or as private as you like. It’s great for keeping nosy neighbors from seeing what you’re up to, but still a bit open to the weather.

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It can be decorated for the occasion

If you want to use a gazebo to celebrate a birthday, baptism or similar in the garden, then it is easy to decorate a pop-up gazebo according to any theme and make it look great.

This means a garden party looks so much more formal, better designed and it keeps the mess out!

Take it camping

If you’re going camping, a pop-up gazebo is a brilliant way to enable you to eat outside whatever the weather without being cramped inside the tent.

It can also be used to relax or play board games with that extra space that can be easily put up and down when needed. If you have a group of you with a few tents, it means you can all eat together too.

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Off date nights

When you think of outdoor dining, it’s easy to think of family meals or parties, but a gazebo is also perfect for setting up for a date night. Leave the kids or teenagers inside knowing they are safe and sit outside with your own pop-up style restaurant.

A great way to chat as a couple and do something a little different without spending money on a meal. Cook a fakeaway and enjoy your delicious meal in the garden with fairy lights and peace and quiet!

A gazebo is cheaper than a garden room

Although a garden room is a good investment, it may not be something you can afford right now and is a permanent structure. If you haven’t decided to use the garden anymore or don’t have the budget for a garden room, then a pop-up gazebo is absolutely perfect.

By using a gazebo with optional sides, you can have a garden room whenever you need one without the cost and construction of a permanent garden room.

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How to choose a good gazebo

Before you rush out and buy a gazebo, there are a few things you should consider. This will ensure you don’t overspend or buy one you never use.

In addition, you will be sure to get the best one for your needs. A good search online should help you find a high quality pop up gazebo (UK), make sure you add the UK to any search so you don’t waste time looking at those in other countries!

Also, check brand reviews so you’re buying from a reputable company and there’s no risk of being scammed. That’s a lot of money to spend, so choose the brand and payment methods wisely.

Measure your garden. It may be easy to think that a 3m by 3m gazebo is perfect, but will it adequately fit the space? When measuring, be sure to take into account anything that cannot be moved, such as rotating clotheslines.

Consider how it will be secured. Check out the options available in your space. Do you need a gazebo with weights or one with ropes and pegs or both? Looking at your yard and the size of the gazebo you are considering should help you choose it.

Think about the sides. Do you want removable sides so you can add them when needed, but remove them when not? See how easy the sides are to add and remove and store.

Is it waterproof? I know it sounds silly, but some gazebos are only designed for summer and are not waterproof. You can usually get a good one that is waterproof and ensure that it is available to you all year round.

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