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24 elf-on-the-shelf ideas for the whole month

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If you’re looking for super easy elf on the shelf ideas, look no further. these easy ideas will keep you going for the month and can be done year after year regardless of the age of your kids!

Elf On The Shelf With A Plant

Day one of Eleven on the Shelf

Elf comes with a letter, delivers advent calendars, and a December box if you do.

This is the simplest setup as you just need to place the elves somewhere, print or hand write a letter and if you are doing December boxes that include advent calendars and Christmas PJs.

22 Ideas for eleven on the shelf

I wanted to share with you 22 ideas that you can enjoy throughout the month of December. Day 1 and 24 are usually the same. The following ideas can be done anytime throughout the month of December, depending on whether you want easy setups or something specific.

Eleven makes breakfast

This one is as easy as it sounds and can take very minimal effort to set up. It can be as simple as putting some cereal in a bowl, putting some over the work surface and popping the elf into the box. Or they can make burnt toast, get butter all over the place, or try adding chocolate spread to something.

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Traditional North Pole breakfast

A traditional arctic breakfast is full of sugar. So you can set up a basket of sweet treats from the elf, or physically set up a breakfast of pancakes and sweet treats.

Write a letter to Santa Claus

The elf can provide a letter writing kit or some paper and pens with a simple request that they write their letter to Santa and ask for what they want. This is a great way to get them to write a list, especially if they haven’t come up with their own ideas.

Decorate the Christmas tree with toilet roll

If your child likes to misbehave, then wrap the toilet roll around the tree and stick the elf on top to show that they’ve done it. It’s a quick one that gets a good response from the kids.

Decorate the Christmas tree with underpants

Likewise, another great one involving the Christmas tree is adding their knickers or knickers to it. You can cover the whole tree with it.

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Remove all the decorations

If you don’t mind the hassle of removing the decoration just to put it back on, this is a great fun trick the elf can play. The kids will love it. Perfect if you need a reason to redo the tree.

Play Hide and Seek

It’s a simple idea. Just hide the elf somewhere. If you want to get creative, you can leave clues or a note asking them to find the elf.

Elf On Stairs

Read/play with your child’s toys

Another simple setup is to use the children’s toys. Have the elf read a story to some of their favorite toys, or set up a game to pretend the toys have been playing with them.

Pull on fruit

If you are short on time and you have a sharpie handy, then draw some funny faces on the fruit.

Found outside

Sometimes you just need something simple, so put the elf outside. It might look like they were late back from the north pole. Or if you can, put the elf in the car with the seat belt ready to be discovered on the way to school.

Close the toilet

If you have time and you know no one will need the toilet during the night, then you can wrap the toilet seat. It can be very mischievous and some kids really like the toilet humor.

Turn on school uniform

Another one involving wrapping paper can be easy to do. Why not wrap their school uniform ready in the morning for them to discover?

Provide Christmas Jumpers

It’s perfect for Christmas sweater day or a day you want the kids to wear a Christmas sweater. The elf can save them.

Deliver Christmas crafts

Crafts are an easy way to keep the kids busy, and the elf can deliver different craft kits or provide materials to make something.

Did the milk turn green in the fridge

A simple trick for using green food coloring. Just add a few drops to some milk, maybe one you’d like to sacrifice, and then put the elf next to the milk.

Has a cold/is weak

If you need a simple idea, or perhaps your little ones are not healthy, the elf can also be weak. Make a small thermometer or just put a bunch of screwed up tissues around it.

Tired and short of sleep

If the elf is tired, you can make a bed for them.

Christmas wrapping over the bedroom door

A fun idea if your little one doesn’t wake up easily is to put wrapping paper at the entrance to their door for them to knock through. It also works well with balloons.

Elf On The Shelf

Snowball fight

You can set up a snowball fight between the elf and another toy using cotton balls.

Steal or eat chocolate

If you have a box of chocolates, screw on some wrappers and spread some chocolate on the elf’s face. Put them together with the box. Or set up a tower of cans showing the elves trying to steal the chocolate.

Play video games

An easy setup is to put the elf with the game console or game console controller and put the game on the screen.

Stuck in the TV

Finally, if you search elf on the shelf stuck in tv on YouTube, it provides a still image of elf on tv for over an hour’s time. Then just hide the elf.

Christmas Eve

The elf will deliver a Christmas Eve box if you do, any traditional items such as a Santa plate, reindeer food etc, and a letter saying goodbye and see you next year.

Finally, your elf will part ways with a letter and drop off any traditional things you can do as a family, like a Christmas Eve box or items you might do the night before.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for the elf on the shelf. If you think there might be a day you forget, be sure to read my guide of reasons to use if the elf doesn’t move because you forgot!

Are you also looking for an advent calendar? Check out my guide to the best Advent calendars this year.

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