2024 McLaren 750S Reportedly Replacing the Retired 720S

  • McLaren is expected to replace the retired 720S with a new model called the 750S, as first revealed by Car news.
  • The report claims the 750S will gain 30 hp and be a bit more aggressive than the outgoing 720S.
  • Along with new design details inside and out, the 2024 McLaren 750S will go on sale later this year starting around $340K.

When McLaren officially said goodbye to the 720S at the end of last year, we knew a successor was on the way, but we didn’t know anything about it. That changes with today’s news that McLaren is expected to call the 720’s replacement the 750S, per scoop by Car news.

More powerful V-8 and sharper handling

Citing an anonymous source with inside information, the AN reporting claims the 750S will share the same platform and powertrain as its predecessor, but the new model will have numerous improvements. For example, the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 will carry over to the 750S, but the engine is said to have revisions that add 30 horsepower, increasing output from 710 to 740 hp.

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720S at VIR.

Car and Driver
2021 mclaren 765lt

765LT at VIR.

Car and Driver

The 720S was already a great track car—as we experienced firsthand at our 2018 Lightning Shot event. Still, it wasn’t nearly as intense in that regard as the McLaren 765LT we leaked. The 750S is expected to fall somewhere between those two on the performance spectrum, suggesting it will have sharper handling than the 720S, but not be as brutal as the 765LT.

New look outside and inside

We don’t yet know what the 750S’s exterior will look like, but the AN story paints a picture of a machine that will draw from newer McLaren models and still look like the car it replaces. There is talk of a revised front bumper, larger side air intakes, and a larger active rear wing à la the 765LT. Of course, new paint options and different wheel designs are sure to be part of the package.

Inside, the 750S will likely take inspiration from the new plug-in hybrid McLaren Artura and even the wild windshield-less Elva. The 750S is said to have a similar steering column-mounted gauge cluster to those two, and switchgear for selectable drive modes and such will now be found on the cluster ring.

Coupe and Spider are coming this fall

Even before we knew the name of the 720S’s replacement, Nicolas Brown, McLaren’s president of the Americas region, said earlier this year. AN the new car was already sold out “by deep 2024”.

Today’s news also indicates what most of us can figure out on our own: The 750S will be very expensive, with ANs source says it will likely cost 10 percent more than its predecessor. The 2023 720S coupe started at $310,500, so it’s safe to say the 750S coupe will cost at least $340K.

Unlike with previous McLaren launches, the upcoming 750S is said to debut with both coupes and spider (read: convertible) body styles. An official reveal is said to come later this month, with production believed to begin in September.

A McLaren spokesperson has yet to respond to our request to confirm that the new model will indeed be called the 750S.