2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Finally Gets a Rear Windshield Wiper


It took nearly half an hour on a frozen lake to realize we could see behind ourselves in the 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Prototype. That might not seem out of the ordinary, but considering that every Ioniq 5 to date has lacked a rear wiper – a constant point of frustration for any reviewer who lives where the weather is – it’s a bigger deal than you might think. maybe think

Hyundai declined to confirm anything on the record, but sources close to Hyundai have told us that the Ioniq 5 Series will eventually receive a rear wiper. It’s unclear if it will be standard or an option, but it will be available, and that’s what matters.

2024 hyundai ioniq 5n prototype


For those of you who live under the eternal sun, it can be hard to figure out why this is a big deal. And for many cars with rear ends of various slopes, a missing wiper is hardly a major offense. But there’s something about the Ioniq 5’s hatch that lets the rear glass collect snow, rain, dust and dirt like nobody’s business. After a few trips, it’s generally dirty enough to stop at a gas station (how awful!) to wipe that glass and restore visibility to the rear. A wiper would likely cause a bit of extra grunt, which could eat into the Ioniq 5’s overall range, but the pros outweigh the cons here.

It’s not yet clear if the Ioniq 5 will receive the rear wiper at the same time as the Ioniq 5 N, and there’s no confirmation if it will come as part of a larger product refresh for the 2024 model year. That’s what our sources said, but Hyundai refused to confirm our sources’ claims. Considering the 5 N is heading to the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​- albeit in the same prototype form seen here – perhaps we’ll get more information on the rear wiper then.

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