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2023 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Prices Range from $30K up to $66K

  • Chevy and GMC have announced pricing for the new 2023 Colorado and Canyon pickups.
  • The Colorado starts at $30,695 and the Canyon starts at $38,095.
  • There is a special AT4X Edition 1 version of the Canyon that costs a ridiculous $66,290.

Although Chevy and GMC both simplified their midsize pickups with the Colorado and Canyon’s redesigns for 2023, there’s still a wide price spread ranging from $30,695 to more than $66,000. Both trucks now come only as a crew cab and with a turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four as the only engine choice—the old 3.6-liter V-6 and 2.8-liter turbodiesel are gone—but many trim levels remain , including off-road variants like the Chevy’s ZR2 and the Canyon’s new AT4X.

The 2023 Colorado is the cheaper of the two, as it offers a Work Truck trim level starting at $30,695. This model comes with rear-wheel drive and the lower-output, 237-hp version of the turbo-four engine. The 2023 Canyon, meanwhile, starts at $38,095 for the Elevation trim level and comes standard with the high-output, 310-hp version of the 2.7L engine. The Colorado’s lower trim levels offer the high-output engine upgrade as a standalone option.

Off-roaders will want to check out the Colorado’s Trail Boss trim level, starting at $38,495, or the more extreme Colorado ZR2 ($48,295) and Canyon AT4X ($56,995) models. The most absurdly priced of all these trucks is the Canyon AT4X with the Edition 1 package that costs $66,290. His extra equipment includes a light bar, wheels that lock with beads, skid plates, a winch, different bumpers and special badges.

Chevy and GMC say these new trucks will go on sale in early 2023, and dealers are currently taking reservations for the AT4X Edition 1.

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