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12 Easter Eggs on the New 2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2023 Toyota Prius Prime

Michael SimariCar and Driver

Toyota has put a lot of effort into the Prius’ redesign for 2023, as it features a beautiful new design and a reworked powertrain with between 194 hp and 220 hp. Besides the big things, it seems the company has also sweated the details. While checking out the new 2023 Prius Prime plug-in hybrid in person, we found several hidden details inside and outside the new hybrid, including badging, graphics, and design details that require a keen eye to spot.

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While the Prius hybrid does not carry the bZ name (for “Beyond Zero”) like Toyota’s EV models, it is the first model to display this bZ circle badge. Toyota says this emblem will roll out on every new electrified vehicle—hybrid, fuel cell and EV—in the future.

Toyota used the “hybrid reborn” slogan for this new fifth-gen model, and these words are found in a few places on the Prius. This one is on the hood under the windshield.

“Hybrid reborn” is also written on the inside of the hatch opening, next to the tail light.

This #hidden compartment is found at the front of the center console, just in front of the cup holders under a removable tray.

If you’ve forgotten what that compartment on the passenger side of the desk is called, Toyota includes a handy hashtag on the back of the glove box to remind you.

This illustration of the new Prius’ signature silhouette is found in a few different places. The first is at the bottom of the camera and radar unit found at the top of the windshield.

The same silhouette is also found on either side of the dashboard, only visible when the front doors are open.

The Prius Prime offers a set of solar panels on the roof that absorb light when the car is parked and power accessory functions and air conditioning.

In addition to the typical badges on the rear of the car, the Prius name is also found in this intricate detail inside the LED headlights.

This Prius badge is found in the heater coils of the rear defroster. Toyota says the letters also heat up like the rest of the coils, which can look cool when they melt a design into the frost on the window on a cold morning.

Another small Prius script is found at the top of the A-pillar next to the window sill.

We’re not sure if the rear door handles integrated into the window trim are convincing enough to trick you into thinking the Prius is actually a two-door, but they do help smooth out the body edges.

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