10 of the best kitchen buys in the Amazon Black Friday sale

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I love kitchen products and am forever on the hunt for bargains on new things I need (and often don’t need!) for my kitchen. Not only that, but Black Friday always brings out the bargain hunting side of me, so here are my favorite 10 kitchen buys in this year’s Black Friday sale on Amazon!

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23 in 1 multipurpose electric steamer and pressure cooker

If you’ve been looking at multi cookers and more specifically electric pressure cookers recently, then this one is a bargain! Normally £89.99 it’s currently on sale for £76.49 and made by Amazon Basics so you know it’s a good quality product. There are 15 preset menu options to cook popular favourites. This gadget can slow cook, pressure cook, saute and so much more. A good countertop size, this can help you save money by not having your oven on for meals that you can cook in this gadget instead.

Amazon Basics Pressure Cooker

Barbecue dishes

Are you ready for new cookware? This set of two Amazon Basics oven safe baking dishes is perfect for cooking all those meals over Christmas and then other food throughout the year. This set is currently £12.65 and a bargain I think.

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Bread tins

I use loaf pans for a wide variety of items, not just breads! One of my most common uses for them is to cook some sausages in the oven with other things, like when you cook a cooked breakfast. Bread pans are great for filling gaps in the oven with other things! This pair of bread tins is currently on offer for £8.49 and Amazon Basics brand.

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Meat thermometer

to avoid food poisoning, especially with meat, I always recommend using a thermometer when cooking and this one from Amazon Brand Umi is a bargain at £6.58. A small price to pay for a healthier Christmas!

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Stand mixer

If you’re a keen baker, this Amazon Basics stand mixer is a great bargain and at just £50.59 it’s a lot cheaper than the big brands but will be just as good! Amazon Basics is always a brand I trust and I have never had any issues with them.

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A new knife block

If you’re looking for a new knife block, I spotted this Amazon Basics one on sale for Black Friday. This is a premium chef knife set so good quality knives and an 18 piece set in a block is just £33.29 in the sale.

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Kitchen scales

If you’re a keen cook or maybe planning to lose weight in the new year, so would like to keep track of your portion sizes, then this bargain kitchen scale could be just what you’re looking for. Made by Amazon Brand Eono, they are only £11.04 in black and similarly priced in other colours, but only £7.99 in silver!

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Kitchen trolley

This microwave trolley is a perfect kitchen trolley to give you some extra storage and preparation space. It’s £46.29 so cheaper than a new kitchen but just as useful if you’re short on space!

kitchen trolley

Water filters

Do you use water filters and always buy expensive brands? The Amazon Basics brands are just as good and fit Brita jugs! This 6 pack for the Maxtra jugs is currently just £13.08.

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Kitchen container

If you need a new kitchen container, there are a few on offer. This was the one I liked the most. This is a 30l container in stainless steel from the Amazon Basics brand with 23% off it’s now £45.19 so a great buy if you’ve been looking for a bin like this for a while.

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